Hello darkness....

some catch ups :) Some time ago this work was on G45 blog and i forgot to post it here . So here it goes . Inspired by one of my favorite songs by Simon & Garfunkel The sound of the Silence.  I used here mostyly Botanicabella collection and piece is A4 canvas .

Nadrabiamy ;) Jakiś czas temu popełniłam dla G45 taką oto prace inspirowaną piosenką Simon & Garfunkel The sound of the Silence . Do wykonania pracy użyłam głównie kolekcji Botanicabella  calość to blejtram format A4

Olga Heldwein

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  1. This is absolutely awesome! I zoomed in on the photo to take in all the details of your gorgeous background and the way you showcased the photo… Everything is perfect.