Scrap Arround The world with 13@rts !

Dziś 13@rtsowa ekipa gości na blogu Scrap Around The world .Zapraszam do udziału w wyzwaniu czekają przecudne nagrody . 
Wszystkie szczegóły możecie sprawdzić TUTAJ. a inspiracja w tym miesiącu jest iscie słoneczna i wakacyjna :

Today me&girls from 13@rts team are guesting on Scrap Around The World blog. Come and join us in this month challenge moodboard is nice and sunny. Ale details you can check HERE

Help yourself if you have featured here as part of one of our invited Guest Teams!

"13arts is a Polish manufacturer specialising in scrapbook papers, 
embellishments & artistic mediums. See our store HERE where
we ship worldwide!  Our blog HERE is full of inspiration & we
 have a monthly challenge where all our welcome!

Follow us on Instagram HERE, Twitter HERE & Facebook
 HERE & remember to follow us on Pinterest HERE too!!"

Here's a reminder of our textural, maritime April mood board,
which the 13arts designers used as inspiration. 
It was created by Hera Sugitani from Brazil. 

Olga Heldwein

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