I'm coming today with 3 layouts i made with using BFS products. All 3 on Ombre Dreams collection . I love it and I can't have enough of it. Perfetly fit me everywhere to feminal and masculine style it is just perfect. Anyway back to the subject. First work is feminal LO with cat lady . Cat belongs to Tamara one of participants my CAR workshop in colone I borrowed her photo . Yea I know frame it took me some time ;)

Charlotte's Dream was background of my project.  In composition i use pieces of Dot Grid Panel and  one of Frilly Hearts covered with gesso . As a title i put dreams come true piece

This layout is about summer fun. Those feets belongs to my personal son :) photo was taken on amazing playground after a long day filed with running around, playing pirates and chasing bubbles. I use here last piece of Dot Gird Panel ( one panel i had for 4 works and i still have small piece :) ) I used here also Filmstrip and directions arrows. paper i use here is ginger's dream

On this layout is one of last photos I took in Poland on one of our daily park walks. Yes I know something is wrong with me and making feet photos ;) But i can't stop myself I like them so much . Here I use Charlotte's dream as background and made lots of media shadows to better expose my composition. I use piece of awesome small number gird . All black elements are from picture perfect set its awesome set to layouts but also will perfectly fit to any project life projects.

Olga Heldwein

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4 komentarze:

  1. Beautiful layouts!!! Gorgeous!!

  2. Very cool layouts! And there is nothing wrong with feet photos. I take photos of my shoes (with our without feet)

    1. You think ??? I have so many photos of feets , shoes i like to shoot as well ;)