More Colors?

Today my First blog post as DT member on Blue Fern Studios blog. And here are my 3 works with the most amazing chippies in world ;)

Diś mój pierwszy mój post na blogu Bulue Fern Studios i moje pierwsze prace jako członka DT.

At start picture frame. I use here Marrakesh panel as background and Framed Words and Damask Fluorish as part of composition. covered everyhing with Gesso and colorsprays.

Multikolorowa rameczka z brokatowym przesłaniem

Canvas with saying. I use  Spring Iris - Large in background and  Shabby Layered Frame and Dare to Dream element as central part of my comosition.

Cytat w mocnej oprawie

And Last Work. Its Joy box . I use here many geometric elements. You will find: Rings Panel as background, Directions, Picture perfect and Winter titles as embelishments.

Pudełeczko na szczescie i małe radosci ;)


Olga Heldwein

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